• Useful Contacts

    While every funeral service is different, we find that most people will have to contact certain organisations and people regarding the death. We hope that these contacts can be of help, however if there is a contact not listed here that you require, we will be more than happy to assist

  • Registering a death

    UK Law requires all deaths to be registered, usually before a funeral takes place. The exception to this is when the coroner is involved (in case of a sudden death), in which case it is permitted to register after the funeral. This can be up to 6 months are the death, depending on the circumstances. …Continue reading »

  • Sudden Death

    If someone dies suddenly or tragically, the coroner will become involved, and the deceased will be removed from the place of death by the coroners staff. The deceased will be transported to the Regional City Mortuary where an examination may be carried out to determine the cause of death. Any time after the death, contact …Continue reading »

  • When a death occurs

    Unfortunately there comes a time in all lives when a loved one passes away, and we find ourselves arranging a funeral. When the death of a loved one occurs, you should immediately contact a doctor, in order to have the death certified. At the same time, you should contact ourselves. We are on hand 24/7, …Continue reading »