Funeral Home

In order for us to continue to provide a high standard of service to those people entrusting us to look after the funeral arrangements of a loved one, in 2008 we took the decision to develop a new funeral home with all the latest facilities expected by the public to provide a high standard of service. After careful consideration, premises were acquired at Sugarhouse Quay just off Sugar Island in the city center. The property fronts the canal which flows through the center of the city and offers a quiet and tranquil environment while ample car parking is available with 2 public car parks close by.

Inside the property is a large rest room for family to view the remains of their loved one along with additional facilities for the preparation of the remains. We have private meeting rooms to allow family to come and meet with us to make the necessary arrangements should they so wish to, along with toilet and kitchen facilities.

The funeral home provides us with the best possible environment to care for your loved one and is also a quiet and peaceful environment for a family to come and see their loved one.